Information that Every Listing Needs to Attract More Potential Buyers:

Number of Points Annual or EOY
Anniversary date of points (aka Earn date)
Deeded location (Home Resort) Deeded week and unit
Trust Fund & Sales Type (or maintenance fee due date)
Maintenance Fee Amount
Are any Mortgage or Maintenance fees still owed or paid off?
Number of points remaining for the current year
Who pays transfer fees (currently $450)

For example: Resort 'x' 10 K points Annual, Trust Fund E Sales Type Y,Unit 807, Week 36



It is possible to sell some deeds. Sales happen all the time.

There may be only a few or even just one person that wants it, but under certain conditions it can be sold. Getting the best possible price requires some basic knowledge, encouraging a perception of value (where is does exist), and including all of the above information in your listing.

Many cannot be sold, but all too often people just blankly post that deeds have to be given away. Sometimes it is a seller’s approach that makes it harder. If you are going to transfer your ownership, are you willing to put in the work to at least try to sell it?

Even if you are willing to give away your Bluegreen ownership, and pay all transfer fees yourself, people will want the above information. (Below I will explain why.)

Buyers will find it helpful to understand the other side of the sales transaction. This also covers some details about BG, and might give you some things to consider in your investigations.

• Trust Fund = HOW maintenance fees (MF) are calculated
• Sales Type = WHEN maintenance fees (MF) are due
All buyers REQUIRE this information. If a buyer does not match their existing Trust Fund they risk paying much more in maintenance fees. (Some trust funds have a base fee plus a charge per point; others have no base fee and charge more per point.)

One of the most popular benefits of Bluegreen Vacations ownership is the opportunity to access Bonus Time for greatly discounted resort stays. Bonus Time gives owners access to Bluegreen Vacations resorts for last-minute travel without having to use their Points.

Current nightly Bonus Time rates are: $69 for studios, $79 for onebedrooms, $89 for two-bedrooms, and $99 for three-bedrooms. A discount of $10 per night is given when Bonus Time reservations are booked online. Presidential and Concierge suites range from $199 to $399 per night.

Bonus Time reservations may be booked 45 days or less in advance of arrival date, or 48 days if booked online. Due to advance travel planning needs, Club owners may book Pono Kai Resort and La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino reservations 90 days in advance of arrival date, or 93 days if booked online. Please note that availability will be very limited during holidays and peak travel seasons.

Bonus Time is reserved exclusively for owners listed on their Owner Beneficiary Agreement and, thus, guests may not be sent in their place.

Similar to Points reservations, newly created reservations may be canceled or modified within the one business day (by midnight EST of the next day) grace period without penalty.

Bonus Time Reservations

If you book online, you’ll enjoy 72-hour advance reservations. That means you’ll have access to Bonus Time inventory three days sooner than if you call to book your reservation. So get a head start on the best inventory by booking it online!

To determine resort seasonality, please consult the Resort Profiles in your Owner's Guide or view Points Charts online from each Resort Detail page.

All reservations are made on a space-available basis, so it’s best to plan ahead to secure the resort, accommodations and vacation dates you desire.


If you are unable to utilize all of your Annual Bluegreen Points within the year in which they were earned, you do have the opportunity to save the Points for an additional year. Saved Points can be used for reservations in regular Red, White, or Blue seasons only.

Saved Points are also eligible to be used for an exchange reservation with RCI® up to 180 days in advance of the check-in date.

As an active Traveler Plus member, you have access to last minute getaway specials through the Resort Hot Weeks benefit. Resort Hot Weeks only require 3,000 Points, with Saved Points being eligible. For more information, select Resort Hot Weeks under Traveler Plus > PointSmart or Click Here.

Here's a handy chart to help you find when you can use Saved Points at Bluegreen resorts!


Attached is the vacation week calendar from 2018-2020.

Vacation Week Calendar

You will need Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe Reader to view the files.

Why is the Vacation Week Calendar important?

The Vacation Week Calendar is necessary to help plan your vacation. You will need to reference it to determine how many Bluegreen Vacation Points (“Points”) your desired reservation will require or when you want to bank Points with an exchange company.

How do I use it?

To plan a vacation at a Bluegreen resort, first decide your anticipated or preferred dates of travel. Next, look at the Vacation Week Calendar to determine the week number for your travel dates. For example, a vacation from July 25-July 29 usually falls during Week 30 of the year*. Next, decide where you want to go and look at the Points Chart for that resort. Week numbers are appointed a season, and Point values are assigned by season, day of the week and size of accommodations.

Please note that Bluegreen’s Vacation Week Calendars are the same as RCI, but different from Interval International.