Raintree’s Club Regina Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta offers more culturally-minded visitors a wide array of places to see, including the Plaza de las Armas, Saucedo Theatre Building, Cuale Archaeological Museum, and the Parish Church of Our Lady Guadalupe. For those just looking to relax, this balneario has beaches that few other coastal cities can match, and many have a rich history that you can mull over as you enjoy their eggshell-white sands and turquoise waves. If you enjoy snorkeling or SCUBA diving, you'll delight in the abundant and diverse sea life that fills these waters.

Raintree's Club Regina Puerto Vallarta wraps elegance and tradition around relaxing ocean and marina views. Members and guests have access to all amenities that Club Regina Puerto Vallarta has to offer including an on-site restaurant and bar, beautiful accommodations and revitalizing swimming pools.

Club Regina Puerto Vallarta is located between the Sierra Madre Mountains and Banderas Bay. It is within walking distance of the marina. Its beaches and rich biodiversity draw tourists from around the globe. On the mountain side, you can experience adventures like Canopy and ATV tours. The Malecon, one of the most popular locations for tourists, is a flourishing art scene on the south side of Vallarta that is home to art galleries, restaurants and bars. Explore Puerto Vallarta and create lasting memories.


Club Regina Puerto Vallarta offers hotel, club suite, and grand suite rooms, which can sleep up to six guests. Our rooms include cedar furniture, marble floors, jetted tubs on the balconies, electronic safes large enough to hold a laptop, smoke detectors in each room, and brand-new GE kitchen appliances. Please note that use of the fitness center and spa has an additional fee.

Use of the gym (cardio & weights) at the Westin Hotel is complimentary.
Sauna and steam room facilities at the Westin Hotel are $7 USD per person per day.
Tennis court daytime use $20 USD per hour or lighted $25 USD per hour.
The resort charges a 3% state lodging tax.


For most people, Mexican cuisine needs no introduction. Making use of fresh corn and beans, delicious tortillas, and expertly-seasoned meat, Mexican cooks have made the food of their native country famous throughout the world. Whether it is chicken mole or seafood enchiladas, almost everyone has his or her favorite Mexican dish.

Club Regina Puerto Vallarta's in-house restaurant, Inizio, offers a delectable fusion of Mexican and international dishes that will satisfy even the most discerning of tastes. Whether you want to try some of the local flavor or crave a taste of home, Inizio is the place to eat. Located just next door, Bar Vajra features an eclectic cocktail menu, sunset views, and late hours on the weekends, and for those who want a bite to eat while swimming, the Tenampa Pool Bar has lighter options.


Unlike Cancun and Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta was thriving long before tourists ever came to its ivory shores. After the Spanish Conquest, during which the native Aztatlan tribes were conquered, this area did not reenter the historical spotlight until the mid-19th century. Starting as a small fishing village named Las Peñas, the town steadily grew until it became a municipality in 1918 and was subsequently renamed Puerto Vallarta.

In the 1950s, writers and other artists from the United States sought this bucolic seaside hamlet as a refuge from political oppression, and in the late 1960s the Mexican government implemented a series of infrastructure improvements that made the city easily accessible by both land and air for the first time. Today, Puerto Vallarta is the second-most visited resort in Mexico.

Raintree’s Club Regina Puerto Vallarta — Puerto Vallarta, Mexico — Direct Exchange
HIGH 13-14, 46, 51-52 700 700 700 900 1050 1050 900 6000
MID 1-12, 15-17, 24-34, 41-45, 47-50 600 600 600 700 900 900 700 5000
LOW 18-23, 35-40 500 500 500 550 700 700 550 4000
HIGH 13-14, 46, 51-52 700 700 700 900 1050 1050 900 6000
MID 1-12, 15-17, 24-34, 41-45, 47-50 600 600 600 700 900 900 700 5000
LOW 18-23, 35-40 500 500 500 550 700 700 550 4000
HIGH 13-14, 46, 51-52 900 900 900 1200 1450 1450 1200 8000
MID 1-12, 15-17, 24-34, 41-45, 47-50 800 800 800 1100 1450 1450 1100 7000
LOW 18-23, 35-40 700 700 700 900 1050 1050 900 6000
HIGH 13-14, 46, 51-52 1400 1400 1400 1800 2100 2100 1800 12000
MID 1-12, 15-17, 24-34, 41-45, 47-50 1100 1100 1100 1600 1750 1750 1600 10000
LOW 18-23, 35-40 900 900 900 1200 1450 1450 1200 8000
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