Raintree’s Club Regina Los Cabos

Los Cabos is arguably the most naturally imposing and beautiful of all Mexican balnearios, and as such caters with equal aplomb to both the avid nature lover and the casual tourist. In the winter, you can watch a dozen species of whales breaching just off the coast; they travel to these warm waters during the colder months to birth their calves.

Club Regina Los Cabos rises above the shoreline where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. Every unit faces the ocean and you can enjoy colorful sunsets and sunrises from your terrace. From November through March, it is unusual to not see whales playing in front of the resort. The resort is a mecca for those seeking the best under the Baja sun – from championship golf courses to some of the best sports fishing in the world.

Los Cabos includes the cities of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. In the center of San Jose del Cabo find art centers offering the works of both well-known and up-and-coming Mexican painters, sculptors and jewelry designers. Cabo San Lucas offers a wide variety of international and local culinary experiences as well as an incredible nightlife. This is where great memories begin.


Club Regina Los Cabos offers hotel, club suite, and grand suite rooms, which can sleep up to six guests. Our kitchens feature granite countertops and a state-of-the-art GE appliances package, maple dove-tail dresser drawers, and a craftsman-style door. All of our rooms have the best views of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean found anywhere on the Baja Peninsula. The resort itself offers Members access to certified golf specialists, valet parking, a deli, a Kids' Club, and a massage room open every day during regular business hours. Please note that use of the spa and parking costs extra.

Tennis court daytime use $10 USD per hour or lighted $15 USD per hour
The resort charges a 3% state lodging tax


For most people, Mexican cuisine needs no introduction. Making use of fresh corn and beans, delicious tortillas, and expertly-seasoned meat, Mexican cooks have made the food of their native country famous throughout the world. Whether it is chicken mole or seafood enchiladas, almost everyone has his or her favorite Mexican dish.


Club Regina Los Cabo's in-house restaurant, Inizio, offers a delectable fusion of Mexican and international dishes that will satisfy even the most discerning of tastes. Whether you want to try some of the local flavor or crave a taste of home, or enjoy one of our theme nights, Inizio is the place to eat. Located just next door, Bar Vajra features an eclectic cocktail menu, sunset views, and late hours on the weekends, and the Altura Restaurant serves delicious fare for lunch or a mid-day snack.


When the Europeans arrived in what is today the municipality of Los Cabos, they found only a few nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes that were technologically inferior to the rest of the Mesoamerican peoples. These tribes eventually disappeared, and for four hundred years virtually no one lived there. Then, in 1917, an American company built a fishing operation in Los Cabos.

Word of its extraordinary natural beauty spread, and in 1974 the Mexican government chose Los Cabos and Cancun to be the sites for a new tourism industry in Mexico. The government built infrastructure there, and soon Los Cabos was thriving with prosperity. Today, Los Cabos is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Mexico and annually hosts the largest marlin-fishing tournament in the world. The "Los Cabos Corridor", as the area between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo is known, is particularly famous for its towering sea arches and abundant marine life.

Raintree’s Club Regina Los Cabos* — Los Cabos, Mexico — Direct Exchange
HIGH 13-14, 46, 51-52 700 700 700 900 1050 1050 900 6000
MID 1-12, 15-17, 24-34, 41-45, 47-50 600 600 600 700 900 900 700 5000
LOW 18-23, 35-40 500 500 500 550 700 700 550 4000
HIGH 13-14, 46, 51-52 700 700 700 900 1050 1050 900 6000
MID 1-12, 15-17, 24-34, 41-45, 47-50 600 600 600 700 900 900 700 5000
LOW 18-23, 35-40 500 500 500 550 700 700 550 4000
HIGH 13-14, 46, 51-52 900 900 900 1200 1450 1450 1200 8000
MID 1-12, 15-17, 24-34, 41-45, 47-50 800 800 800 1100 1450 1450 1100 7000
LOW 18-23, 35-40 700 700 700 900 1050 1050 900 6000
HIGH 13-14, 46, 51-52 1400 1400 1400 1800 2100 2100 1800 12000
MID 1-12, 15-17, 24-34, 41-45, 47-50 1100 1100 1100 1600 1750 1750 1600 10000
LOW 18-23, 35-40 900 900 900 1200 1450 1450 1200 8000

*Cleaning fee per day (paid at the resort): STUdio/HoTeL - $3.00 Club Suite - $4.00 Grand Suite - $5.00

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